Leaether Strip

Leaether Strip is the work of Danish electronic dance artist Claus Larsen. Discovered by the German techno artist and producer Talla 2XLC, Leaether Strip quickly built a buzz as one of the most exciting young acts in Europe in the early 90's. His debut release in 1990, entitled The Pleasure of Penetration, instantly established itself as a classic, featuring an addictive and punishing rhythm style that he has since become known by. The second Leaether Strip release, Science for the Satanic Citizen, brought Claus to the attention of fans of electronic dance world wide. By the time of Leaether Strip's third release, Solitairy Confinement, the act was popular enough to also be released in the United States. Along with the subsequent CD, Underneath the Laughter, Solitairy Confinement propelled Leaether Strip to the top in sales in both the European and American electro scene. Both releases personified the powerful angst seen in other electro acts such as Nine Inch Nails and Front 242, but with a deeper message and meaning in both words and music.

The next Leaether Strip album took many by surprise, as it radically departed from past expectations. Conceived as a soundtrack piece, the beautiful Serenade for the Dead showed a completely different side of Claus, and also showed his versatility and talent. Any fears that he had turned his back on electronic dance music were gone with the release of the next Leaether Strip albums: Legacy of Hate and Lust and The Rebirth of Agony, which continued his tradition of strong songwriting and propulsive rhythms. The most recent Leaether Strip release, Self-Inflicted, has proven to be one of Claus' best efforts to date. Pleasing both old and new fans alike, Self-Inflicted also featured a very different sound after his old studio was ravaged by a flood.

In 1998, Metropolis Records signed Leaether Strip for North America, releasing the remix CD Yes, I'm Limited Vol. 2, the Anal Cabaret tribute single to Soft Cell, the remix album, Yes I'm Limited Vol. 3.

In 2000 Claus returned with the seven track single, Carry Me.

Carry MeCarry Me
Are We The Sinners? (Fictional Remix)Yes I'm Limited Vol. III
How Do I Know (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix)Yes I'm Limited Vol. II
Baby DollAnal Cabaret

CARRY ME · MET 173D· buy Digital
1. Carry Me 2. Carry Me [Phoenix Mix] 3. Carry Me [Schmidt Mix] 4. Carry Me [Phat Mix] 5. Carry Me [Testube Mix] 6. Carry Me [Distorting the Truth] 7. Carry Me [Straight to Hell]
YES I'M LIMITED VOL. III · MET 112D· buy Digital
1. Coming Up For Air (Primary) 2. Are We The Sinners? (Fictional Remix) 3. Coming Up For Air (Ravenous Remix) 4. Hate Me! (Birmingham 6 Remix) 5. Coming Up For Air (Dark Illumination Remix) 6. Are We The Sinners? (Josh Dteffen Remix) 7. Coming Up For Air (Boring Dance Remix) 8. Hate Me! (Funker Vogt Remix) 9. Coming Up For Air (Leatherwave) 10. Are We The Sinners? (Kirby) 11. Coming Up For Air (DJ Twitch) 12. Hate Me! (Josh Steffen Remix) 13. Coming Up For Air (Secondary) 14. Tears Of Stone (Confinement Tour Intro) 15. No Rest For The Wicked (No Vox Version) 16. Dreaming (Two Track Demo 1982) 17. Never Trust Anyone At The Carnival (Two Track Demo 1984) 18. Satanic Citizen (Live Frankfurt 1990) 19. Touchdown Breakdown (Live Frankfurt 1990) 20. Crash(Flight 232) (Live Frankfurt 1990) 21. Zyclon B (Live Frankfurt 1990) 22. LeŠther Strip Part II (Live Frankfurt 1990) 23. Murder (Unreleased Track) 24. Adrenaline Rush (Vegger Version) 25. Are We The Sinners? (Fusion Floor Remix) 26. Are We The Sinners? (Fusion Trance Remix)
DISC 1 // 1. Coming Up for Air 2. Are We The Sinners? / Fictonal Remix 3. Coming Up For Air / Ravenous Remix 4. Hate Me! / Birmingham 6 Remix 5. Coming Up For Air / Dark Illunimation Remix 6. Are We The Sinners? / Josh Steffen Remix 7. Coming Up For Air / Boring Dance Remix 8. Hate Me! / Funker Vogt Remix 9. Coming Up For Air / Leather.wav 10. Are We The Sinners? / Kirby 11. Coming Up For Air / D.J. Twitch Remix 12. Hate Me! / Josh Steffen Remix 13. Coming Up For Air / Secondary // DISC 2 // 1. Tears Of Stone / Confinement Tour Intro 2. No Rest For The Wicked / no Vox Version 3. Dreaming / Two Track Demo 1982 4. Never Trust Anyone At The Carnival / Two Track Demo 1982 5. Satanic Citizen / Live Frankfurt 1990 6. Touchdown Breakdown / Live Frankfurt 1990 7. Crash (Flight 232) / Live Frankfurt 1990 8. Zyclon B / Live Frankfurt 1990 9. Leaether Strip Part II / Live Frankfurt 1990 10. Murder / Unreleased 11. Adrenalin Rush / Vegger Version 12. Are We The Sinners? / Fusion Floor Remix 13. Are We The Sinners? / Fusion Trance Remix
YES I'M LIMITED VOL. II · MET 094D· buy Digital
1. How Do I Know (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix) 2. Lies To Tell (Second Disease Remix) 3. How Do I Know (Funker Vogt Remix) 4. Life Is Painful (Bastard) (In Strict Confidence Remix) 5. Lies To Tell (Lights Of Euphoria Remix) 6. How Do I Know (Controled Fusion Remix V1.0) 7. You Know Where To Put It (Controlled Fusion Remix) 8. How Do I Know (Fall Out Remix) 9. You Know Where To Put It (Collapsed System Remix) 10. Life Is Painfull (Bastard) (Trylok Remix) 11. How Do I Know (Controlled Fusion Remix V2.0)
ANAL CABARET · MET 089D· buy Digital
1. Baby Doll 2. Sex Dwarf 3. Insecure Me 4. Soul Inside 5. Youth
1. Baby Doll 2. Sex Dwarf 3. Insecure Me 4. Soul Inside 5. Youth