The LoveCrave

The LoveCrave, from Italy, burst onto the scene with their 2006 debut The Angel and the Rain and instantly won fans the world over with their infectious blend of hard rock, enchanting vocals, and elegant synths. The band was formed in Milan by Francesca Chiara, who was already an established singer in her native Italy, and guitarist Tank Palamara, an established touring musician and music producer. The initial collaboration of the two set of a flurry of creative activity, with the duo writing fifteen songs together in under a month’s time. They created in their mind a sort of Blade Runner world and try to put music in it. Taking inspiration from influences ranging from Iron Maiden and eighties metal to Depeche Mode, The LoveCrave’s style could be easily described as goth metal, but they are much more than that.

“The Angel and the Rain” caught the attention of the European media in short time. The album was hailed by magazines (Hard, Metal Maniac, Zillo, Sonic Seducer) as well as major rock/metal radio stations. Doors began to open for the band. The LoveCrave left for a German tour with The Birthday Massacre, played as headliners at the famous Camden Underworld in London UK, recorded 4 acoustic tracks for Total Rock Radio in London, and played as headliners at The Alcatraz (the biggest club in their home town of Milan, Italy). As the band’s reputation for a great live show grew, so did the profile of the shows offered, culminating in the band being placed band in some of the biggest festivals in Europe such as M’era Luna, Amphi Festival, and Wave Gothic Treffen. The band then spent the next two years touring Europe. All the touring and press attention built the band a very solid fan base. In November 2007 the band won an award as Best Italian Band on International Ground at the MEI (Independent Labels Meeting) presented by the Italian music magazine Rock Sound.

After a brief period off while Francesca was pregnant, Chiara and Palamara, along with drummer Bob (the Machine) Parolin and bassist Simon Dredo, return with Soul Saliva. The new album finds The LoveCrave incorporating great ideas with a deeply modern way of producing and arranging music. The band has grown over the past few years, expanding and refining its sound, without being afraid of experimentation. Gloomy elements mix with powerful guitars, driving percussion, singer Francesca Chiara’s dynamic vocals, and intricate synth arrangements. The lyrics touch on subjects such as war, rebellion, violence towards women and child birth. Deep, modern, and angry, Soul Saliva is a must for fans of hard rock.

The Other You

1. The Other You 2. And Scream 3. Warriors 4. Fade 5. Get Outta Here 6. Thriller 7. Your Fire 8. Leon's Lullaby 9. Tru Blood 10. Outsider