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Front 242

Catch The Men DVD

DVD/VIDEO (2005) · $16.98   add to cart

FRONT 242 has conquered several markets with its musical vision from Europe to the USA by selling over two million records. Their style makes a link between the many different electronic music genres that have emerged through these last two decades. By incorporating innovative technologies, they have enriched their sound to provide a successful continuity of enveloping atmospheres and rhythms, making fans want to hear more. They have always kept a powerful image as a "live" band with a high profile on stage using live sequencing (no play-back tapes), synthesizers, screens and a dynamic show. Included in the setlist are such classic hits as "Body to Body", "Im Rhythmus Bleiben", "First In First Out", "Moldavia", "Headhunter" and tons more! On Metropolis.

Track List

01. Happiness
02. Body to Body
03. Religion
04. Togther
05. Im Rhythmus Bleiben
06. Crapage
07. Animal
08. First In First Out
09. Moldavia
10. Melt
11. Headhunter
12. Welcome To Paradise
13. Punish Your Machine