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Extinction Front

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Extinction front was created in 2005 by David Payne to explore and experiment with dark electronic music. In 2008 their first work, the self-produced 'Motherview', was launched. Their second album 'Destruction Show' was released through Danse Macabre Records in 2010, which led on to live shows around Europe including performances at the following festivals: Summer darkness, Nocturna Festival, Warcelona Summer fest, Lumous gothic festival. In 2015 they finished recording their latest album 'Running with Scissors'. This work maintains an industrial style fused with rock and techno to create a more elaborate quality of sound outside the industrial mainstream. CURRENT LINEUP: David Payne Vocals and production Sergio Delirio Live synth Victor Cabeza Live guitar Jose Mateo Live drums Alvaro Gonzalez Live drums