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By chance, Mark Hockings noticed a poster at work of a band who was playing at the Bristol Bridge Inn. Interested in hearing the performance, he went and later met with one of the band's members, Richard Silverton. Several days later, the two met at Richard's house to try out some material. Happy with the results they decided to work on some more ideas. Wanting to add to their sound, Richard asked friend Neil Taylor to join the band, and Mesh was born.

All of the music was being programmed, recorded, and mixed at Richard's Mom's house, which they liked to call Urban Studios. Several demo tapes were sent out, but it wasn't until Future Music Magazine placed three of Mesh's songs on their CD that the band finally broke through onto the music scene. Several major and minor labels approached them, but no deals were struck, so Mesh began releasing material on their own label, Tolerance. Their first CD-EP, Fragile, was released in 1994 through money the band made playing out and selling tapes.

Shortly afterward, Mesh signed to Momento Music, who re-released Fragile in 1995. One year later Mesh returned with their first full length album, In This Place Forever. Off of the album came their first single You Didn t Want Me, which became a timeless club hit. Mesh also signed to the American label Jerrett Records for distribution in the US in 1996.

An extended version of the Fragile EP was released in 1997 along with Fragile-The Mixes, and the You Didn't Want Me single. Apart from the album and several singles, Mesh has appeared on countless compilations such as Cyberl@b, Electrocity 10, and Zwischenfall Vol. 3.

Mesh's second album, The Point At Which It Falls Apart, was released on Momento Music in 1999, and on a new American label, Metropolis Records in 2000. Shortly before the Metropolis release, Mesh left Momento Music and signed to the European label Orbit. The album combined synth-pop with a tinge of electro to make an outstanding sound. Deep and somewhat emotional lyrics add to the sensitivity of the album's title, and made The Point At Which It Falls Apart the place it all came together.

In 2006, the band found themselves in new territories with their third album, We Collide. Leaving both Metropolis and Orbit, the band signed with Home (a division of Sony) for the world and longtime member Neil Taylor left the band.

Three years after Mesh released the highly acclaimed We Collide, the band found themselves back on Metropolis for North America and Dependent Records for Europe. After releasing the limited edition single for Only Better in October, the band followed it up with a tour and a brand new album, A Perfect Solution. With the album, Mesh conveyed the downturn of relationships from break-ups to reconciliation to the death of love. While the subject matter is very emotional, A Perfect Solution is rather uplifting and helps prove that no matter what happens life goes on. Featuring top notch production the album is an incredible listening experience. A second single, How Long, will be released spring 2010.