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Emerging from the deep depths of the underground scene, Mindless Faith combines EBM and industrial to create a sound unlike any other. While many bands try to stick to a specific formula, creating music under the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality, Mindless Faith injects diversity and creativity into the music making process. Their perfect balance of intricate electronic arrangements, grinding textures, and explosive beats prompted Side-Line Magazine to describe their sound as "worked out with intelligence, creativity, and knowledge."

After the release of their debut The Silence, Mindless Faith released Manifest Destiny in 2000, an amazing album that "confronts the social dynamics leading a nation to rampant expansion and imminent collapse." This release received rave reviews from various sources, including a 5 out of 5 in Outburn Magazine as well as praise from Legends Magazine and

The band has toured with acts including Spahn Ranch, Pigface, Switchblade Symphony, Flesh Field, Genitorturers, Godhead, Hanzel und Gretyl, Acumen Nation, Bile and many others. This has enabled Mindless Faith to showcase their talent to thousands along the East Coast and has essentially managed to garner a large following of fans addicted to the crunching guitars, infectious keyboards and extraordinary vocals incorporated into the band's unique sound.

Mindless Faith is also featured on multiple compilations worldwide including: The Unquiet Grave V. 3 (Cleopatra), Nod's Tacklebox o' Fun (Reconstriction), Elektrauma V. 5 (Triton Records), New Forms of EBM V. 1 (Bloodline), and Cryonica Tanz V.1 (Cryonica). Their music has also been featured in the movie "Sex, Death and Eyeliner" (from the producers of "The Prophecy" and "Drive"), several independent films, a CD-ROM for Canon, and MTV's "Road Rules" and "Road Rules/Real World Challenge."

After signing to Metropolis Records for North America and Dependent Records for Europe, Mindless Faith released their third assault on the unsuspecting underground. Momentum exhibits the hard rocking electro-industrial that was prevalent on their second album, Manifest Destiny, mixed with trance elements. Stefan Herwig of Dependent Records described Momentum as "the first one that I would label 'cutting edge Industrial' in a long, long time!" Using the name of the album as a metaphor for their growing success, Mindless Faith continues to revitalize the industrial scene with this highly anticipated release. A mix of dark industrial arrangements with trance, idm, rock and down tempo keep Momentum going strong without any let-up.


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