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Morlocks operate around the borderlines between the collective subconscious, paradoxal multiverses and the bad conscience of the world (as we know it). They travel either like sinister prowlers through the shadows, or like a raging bulldozer, sneaking and bolting through and between the Cold War, radioactive wastelands, the catacombs of Rome and unspeakable dimensions beyond the Unknown Kadath. This time also in space! 

Golden apples serve as food for the journey and the road is lined by an epic creative chaos and a malicious love for bastard hybrids of industrial rock, retrofuturism, machines, symphonies and heresies.

Morlocks was founded under shady and classified circumstances at an uncertain point of the previous millennium in Gothenburg, Sweden by a bunch of very young, inexperienced teenage boys. They had some minor impact on the local electronic scene despite long hiatuses (sometimes years of complete silence) and a constant change of members. In 2003, the then-current lineup disbanded due to creative differences and the band was history for several hours.

Only remaining founding member J.Strauss immediately teamed up with partner in crime Innocentius Rabiatus from Swedish goth veterans Dark Side Cowboys. For the first time ever there was a common idea and a mutual goal. The duo decided to keep the name Morlocks and there was a change in musical style; leaning more towards heavy, guitar based industrial rock with epic symphonic influences. This formula proved to be successful and they were joined by the guitarist Logos and a few other fellow musicians/members. Some years later the album "The Outlaw of Fives" was released to great reviews. They did many concerts around Scandinavia, not to mention a very well received performance at Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany.

In 2013 they met, befriended and recruited multi talented bass player/vocalist Lamashtu and the trio has been the core of the band ever since.

As fate would have it, they also crossed paths with Sascha Konietzko from legendary KMFDM who took a liking to the band's sound and some kind of off-and-on collaboration started to grow. Morlocks provided remixes for the Käpt'n and also appeared on the album KUNST with the co-written song 'The Mess you Made', which quickly became a critic's and fan favorite.

During lockdown, they started working hard on their next album, aptly named 'Praise the Iconoclast'. They took their somewhat unique sound to the next level, adding guest vocal appearances from herr Konietzko himself and their long time friend, dark ambient electro queen Karin My, as well as their drinking buddy and Black Metal maestro Heljarmadr of Grá/Dark Funeral. The latter ended up in a video of the song 'Dicks in Tanks', available on any (and all) online device(s) near you.

The final result of the album found its way to the United States to be picked up by Metropolis Records, and there was much rejoicing. 

This marks the beginning of a new era and the band is looking forward to what the future holds, that is if there is a future at all. They might know, but they won’t tell.

The Goddess prevails.