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Principe Valiente

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Principe Valiente, from Stockholm, Sweden, has been around since 2005. Their musical style has been described as dark pop by the media, drawing comparisons to different post-punk- and shoegaze-indie-acts.

On Barricades, the band's first album on American label Metropolis Records, Principe Valiente shows its full breadth as a band, from the epic ballad Porcelain to the power and sorrow of “I am you” These two songs also happen to be the album's first two singles.
"I am you is the most intense song we have ever done", says Honorato.
As the world now reopens after almost two years of pandemic, Principe Valiente is ready to face it.
“Our records never turn out the way we imagine them when we start working, but I'm very happy with Barricades. It feels like it's the best album we've done so far”, says Honorato.