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Punto Omega, or "Omega Point," was founded in 2002 in Buenos Aires by Pilgrim and Viator, two friends who had a history of musical projects together. Their first demos document their evolving sound, which integrated EBM and Darkwave with orchestral and martial elements that were featured on an Argentinian electro compilation CD. This is where Pilgrim and Viator used the name Punto Omega officially for the first time.

After L'ame Immortelle's Thomas Rainer listened to the band's demos, he introduced Punto Omega to TRISOL MUSIC GROUP, who signed them almost immediately afterward. This contract catapulted the band into the spotlight and enabled them to enlist remixes by bands such as The Retrosic, Z Prochek, Project X, Bruederschaft and L'ame Immortelle for their first major album.

Their newfound fame also opened doors to new projects for the pair to work on, such as Bruederschaft. This occurred in March 2003, when the band was invited to compose remixes for the project created by New York's DJ Rexx Arkana which benefited cancer charities. Punto Omega remixed tracks for this completely non-profit project alongside bands such as Feindflug, Melotron, Angels & Agony, State of the Union, Lights of Euphoria, Colony 5, Negative Format, Grendel, Aiboforcen, Davantage, The Retrosic, Dj Dracos, and Plastic.

Since then Punto Omega has been featured on a myriad of compilations and in numerous magazines. In December 2003 the band created two remixes which were included on "DJ Revelation 1," the first CD in a series of compilations produced by “Orkus,” one of the leading electro/gothic/darkwave music magazines in Germany.

Finally in February of 2004, TRISOL MUSIC GROUP released Punto Omega, the band's debut album. This spawned three "Newcomer of the Month" honors by the most popular alternative music magazines in Germany, "Orkus," "Sonic Seducer" and "Zillo." The band also appeared on Trisol's three disc compilation set entitled "Leichenschrei--Trisol Bible Chapter 2," which commemorated the label's 200th release this year.

On July 27, 2004 Metropolis Records released Punto Omega for audiences in North America.

"We are heading a final borderline, in which there will be no extintion, but the step into a new reality: Past and Future get merged, that is the Omega Point. The objetive of the band is to reflect the experiences and personal thoughts on the way to that point, exploring and mixing musical styles as EBM, Industrial, Electro, and Darkwave." -Punto Omega


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