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In 1985, Bat (Peter Stone) began experimenting with electronic music composition on a Waldorf PPG Waveterm-A, Wave 2.3 and EVU synthesizer system, a hardware favorite of bands such as Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk. In 1990, several years of sonic experimentaton later, Xorcist was forged and would go on to set musical standards in the gothic and industrial scenes throughout the world. The style of Xorcist didn't fall under any one musical style and was described through the years as cyber-industrial, EBM, electro-goth, darkwave, or any other one of the many monikers of the gothic and industrial scene. This diversity is the basis of the Xorcist trademark sound.

From 1991 until 1999, Xorcist has released six CD's, numerous singles, a double CD side-project called Xenon and has music featured in several motion pictures, multimedia and video productions, including the motion picture gothumentary Sex, Death and Eyeliner, the upcoming B-Horror movie Cremains, and various documentaries aired on The Discovery Network and HBO. During the 90's, Bat also took time to run one of the most popular gothic-industrial nightclubs in the country called House of Usher, created The CyberDen music network website, toured with Lollapalooza III as the technical creator of The CyberPit computer installation, worked on MTV's Aeon Flux and scored three multimedia CD-ROM games: The Iron Helix, Bad Mojo and Space Bunnies Must Die.

While Xorcist has dominated dance floors throughout the world, the real power lies in the theatrical aspects of Bat's compositions. Xorcist's 1999 release Nomad has been compared to the likes of Enigma, Danny Elfman and Delirium and piqued the interest of various motion picture and production studios. The release of Insects & Angels: differences and indifferences once again extended into that mixture of dance floor remixes and film score environments, making this disc yet another perfect soundtrack for both body and mind.


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