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Absolute Body Control

Shattered Illusion


Also available:
Digital $8.90

Following the release of a collection of classics titled Wind[Re]Wind, Absolute Body Control is back with Shattered Illusion! Dirk Ivens and Eric van Wonterghem return with a whole new set of classic tracks, featuring modern sound recording techniques that blend seamlessly with the roots of low-fi electro. An absolute nod to the past, Shattered Illusion beautifully points to the early roots of electronic pop and industrial. Absolute Body Control was formed in 1980, and the band members have been influencing and inventing genres ever since.

Track List

01. What Took You So Long?
02. Sorrow
03. Surrender No Resistance
04. Eins Zwei Drei Vier
05. Never Seen
06. Stardust Forever
07. Any Second Now
08. Shattered Illusion
09. Into The Light
10. Talking To The Man


(Tracks from the digital version)

What Took You So Long?3:06
Surrender No Resistance4:31
Eins Zwei Drei Vier2:04
Never Seen4:08
Stardust Fever4:43
Any Second Now1:16
Shattered Illusion3:12
Into The Light5:06
Talking To The Man5:17