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Hailing from Germany's real industrial heartland, the former coal and steel centers of the Ruhr area, [:SITD:] can be counted amongst the most acclaimed acts in the European club scene. Stark, harsh, and uncompromising, [:SITD:] has become one of the most popular acts in the genre, carving out a niche in the market through a compelling blend of bone crunching dance beats and anthemic synths. Icon:Koru is the perfect collection of electro to fill the dance floors.

Track List

01. Extrajudicial Punishment
02. Code:Red
03. Periculär (Richtfest II)
04. State Of Tyranny
05. Beacon Of Hope
06. Atemlos
07. Dystopie
08. Dark Defender
09. Tarnfarbe
10. Sonic Barrier
11. Zephyr