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Welcome to the 21st Century post-Weimar electro-Kabarett.
From the bowels of The Impossible Sausage Machine™ your hosts, SNOG, bring you the latest in mass content delivery, reflexive ideological hygiene, inappropriate social observation, techno-Ludditism, recombinant satire, ersatz gallows humour, gratuitous gender reassignment and audio-sedation.
Cheerful to the end, SNOG cast their collective gaze toward innovations in apocalyptic banality, enthusiastic drone obedience and mediocre weekend totalitarianism. All done with a twinkle in their eyes and a swivel in their hips.
This is a subterranean critique you can dance to, whether it be a sturdy shuffle (‘The Middle-Class Worms'), a Tourette's Polka (‘Rich Kuntz') or the mandatory mechanical lockstep (‘The Clockwork Man'). Sympathetic, synthetic and cynical, our trusty troubadours spread their disloyal seed far and wide - wholly innocent targets like superannuated senior citizens, venture capitalists, technophiles and the mercantile class are spared no vitriol nor offered any comfort.
Wherever humanity may rear its malformed cranium, SNOG stand ready with a glittering feather (to tickle its nostrils), and a pink latex boot (to kick its head in).
Industrious skeptics with hearts full of anachronistic, discerning hot love.
Gorging on the ragtag goulash of human frailties, SNOG vomits the world out in song.
Ensure your medication/inoculation is at hand, a necessary prophylactic against proselytizing, puffery and polemics.
Now take your seat, the show is about to begin.

And you, my friend, are the show.

Track List

01. Cheerful Hypocrisy
02. The Clockwork Man
03. The Vampires Of Real Estate
04. Rich Kuntz
05. Compliance™
06. The Toxic Womb Of Convenience
07. The Stomp Song
08. Oh, You're An Atheist?
09. The Middle-Class Worms
10. Heroically Deluded
11. The Slow Apocalypse
12. The Theme From Compliance™