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The Frozen Autumn

The Fellow Traveller

CD (2017) · $12.98   add to cart

The Frozen Autumn creates what the band calls "Frozen Wave", that is to say an original, innovative kind of Electro-Coldwave blends melancholic male and female vocals, atmospheric gothic-wave, and 80s-style electropop. The result is an artistic collage of seamlessly blended styles and genres. The new album, "The Fellow Traveler" is the finest work in the band's two and a half decade career. Featuring a cover of "Loving The Alien" by David Bowie.

Track List

01. Tomorrow's Life
02. White On White (Album Version)
03. We'll Fly Away (Long Version)
04. Told You At Once
05. Your Touch (Album Version)
06. A Gentle Flame
07. Grey Metal Wings
08. Sirens And Stargazers
09. The Twin Planet
10. I Love You But I've Chosen Synthesizers
11. Loving The Alien