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DIGITAL (2019) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

EURINGEREMIX is remixes of selected tracks from Jimmy Urine's (Mindless Self Indulgence) solo album EURINGER. With a banging remix of of the song "IF IT AIN'T YOU TODAY IT WILL BE YOU TOMORROW" (featuring SERJ TANKIAN) by KMFDM, a techno remix of "SAILOR IN A LIFE BOAT" (featuring GERARD WAY) by Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly/Conjure One/Delerium), a synthpop mix of "PROBLEMATIC" by ASH CODE, & a bonus vocoder remix "DO YOU KISS YOUR MAMA WITH THAT MOUTH?" by Jimmy himself! Jimmy's adopted new home New Zealand is represented by new waver Eyeliner's funky 80s remix of "FUCK EVERYTHING" (featuring CHANTAL CLARET), drum & bass artist Kiljoy delivers a wicked remix of "THAT'S HOW JIMMY GETS DOWN". Finally there is a stunning and unexpected contribution by the Ewan Clark Orchestra, who's "Ewan Clark and the Stella Maris Orchestra" remix of "PIECE OF ME" was recorded at the famous Park Road Posts Stella Maris Chapel, the internationally renowned production house of Peter Jackson. EURINGEREMIX is a digital- and vinyl only release, with the limited edition clear vinyl being issued via bandcamp only and limited to 300 copies worldwide.

Track List

01. If it Aint You Today it Will Be You Tomorrow - ft Serj Tankian (KMFDM Remix)
02. That's How Jimmy Gets Down (Kiljoy Remix)
03. Problematic (Ash Code Remix)
04. Fuck Everything (Eyeliner Remix)
05. Sailor In a Life Boat feat Gerard Way (Rhys Fulber remix)
06. Do You Kiss Your Mama With That Mouth (Jimmy Urine Kiwi Robot Remix)
07. Piece of Me (Ewan Clark and The Stella Maris Orchestra Remix)
08. Piece of Me (Ewan Clark and The Stella Maris Orchestra Instrumental)