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Asphyxia Remixed

DIGITAL (2020) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

New York’s industrial duo, Statiqbloom, will release Asphyxia Remixed on April 28th via SYNTHICIDE. Taken from 2019’s Asphyxia LP, the reworkings of Statiqbloom’s tracks provide a diverse palette of music genres curated by members Fade Kainer and Denman C. Anderson. From the electro beat of Star Eyes and the dismal techno industrial flavors of Mædon, to the undeniable EBM dancibility of Kontravoid and Multiple Man, the 8-track Asphyxia Remixed LP reinterpret the growling, thunderous music of Statiqbloom.

Track List

01. Possession (Kontravoid Remix)
02. Silver Face (Star Eyes Summer 88 Remix)
03. Ceaseless (Physical Wash Edit)
04. Eight Hearts Eight Spikes (Khadija Remix)
05. Possession (Multiple Man Remix)
06. Descent (Maedon Remix)
07. Figure Behind The Door (CY-RX Looming Prescence Remix)
08. Eight Hearts Eight Spikes (Mark Solotroff Remix)