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The 11th Hour


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After 20 years and ten official albums the Psyche everyone thought they knew has ended. They've now reached “The 11th Hour.” This is not a continuation of Psyche's past releases - this is their purgatory and their revelation. As the swan song to the old Psyche to enable rebirth, “The 11th Hour” is not "Pop" music per se, but a collection of raw nerves, desperation, adrenaline, and erupting passion. The lyrics and music are of fitting intensity to the emotional turmoil represented within. Despite the unpredictable, there are melodies, rhythms, and the unique emotional vocals of Darrin Huss that guide you through these rites of passage. “The 11th Hour” is an album that even without understanding the words one will feel what it's all about. This earnest symbiosis is what makes Psyche as extraordinary as ever. A life in question, a question of life! How will it continue? Listen until the end of “The 11th Hour,” then decide for yourself. On Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. Bloodcurse
02. Yearning
03. Defenseless
04. 15 Minutes
05. September Moon
06. Until
07. The Belonging Kind
08. Justice and Damnation
09. 11th Hour
10. Buried Alive
11. Theme


(Tracks from the digital version)

15 Minutes4:22
September Moon5:07
The Belonging Kind4:57
Justice And Damnation4:39
11th Hour3:52
Buried Alive8:13
Theme 74:48

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