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Sound Pressure 2.0


Metropolis records is proud to present the re-release of Soman's debut album. With Sound Pressure 2.0, Soman delivers an album of uncomprimising sound structures, mixing Noise, Electro, Industrial and Techno to devastating effect. The with tracks such as ‘Divine', ‘Pan Tau', ‘Fly' or ‘Innocence' already club favorites, this special reissue has two special bonus tracks making milestone of Techno Body Industrial can't miss in ANY collection! Sound Pressure 2.0 is a must-have for DJs and all other fans of top notch industrial dance music.

Track List

01. Innocence
02. Wanting
03. Pi-Drum
04. Pan Tau I
05. Seven
06. Four Voice
07. Divine
08. Fly
09. Desert
10. ‘Izer
11. Datc
12. Pan Tau II
13. Black Batch
14. Pan Tau I Vs. II
15. Industrial II

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