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Flesh Field


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Formed in 1996, Flesh Field has previously released two albums on Inception Records. Now ready to release their third and most ground-breaking album to date, Flesh Field has found a new home on Metropolis Records. Much like its predecessors, “Strain” features heavy electronics mixed with powerful guitar hooks, only now the guitars have been moved up in the mix and are more utilized. “Strain” will breathe new life into the today's Electro/Industrial scene by bringing back the guitars, which historically help to establish it. No more will guitars be forgotten in Industrial music. “Strain” will rediscover this lost instrument and recreate Electro/Industrial Rock. The past is catching up, will you be ready? On Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. Uprising
02. Haven
03. Reflect the Enemy
04. The Eucharist
05. Recoil
06. Seethe
07. Voice of Dissent
08. Beneath Contempt
09. Amoeba
10. The Collapse
11. Epiphany
12. This Broken Dream