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And One, the popular synth-pop band from Germany, formed in 1989 after Chris Ruiz and Steve Naghavi met in a Berlin disco. They were both fans of Belgian EBM music, so they decided to play together, using only a drum machine and two keyboards, like their musical idols Depeche Mode had. Working together they compiled a demo tape that producer Jor, who was planning on starting a sub-label off of Modern Music, happened to like. The duo met success rather quickly after that, as they were the first signed band to Machinery Records. In 1990 they released their first single, "Metalhammer".

After playing many live shows, the band garnered a large following of fans. They played at lots of parties and opened for other successful bands, such as A Split Second, Consolidated, Pankow and Die Form. They added a third member, Alex Two, and then released their first album, Anguish, which helped them achieve Germany's best new artist award in 1991 and kept them at the top of the German EBM charts. At the end of '91, they also released an anti-war song, 'Aus Der Traum,' that for every copy was sold the band donated a portion of the profits to Greenpeace.

In 1992, And One released the rather short (less than 35 minutes long) album FLOP, that although scant contained the instant dance-floor hit, "Techno Man." After that, Chris Ruiz left the act and Joke Jay took his place just in time to release the Monotonie ep. In 1993 they released the more commercial-sounding (and sometimes criticized for that) album Spot, with the single "Life Isn't Easy in Germany," that had portions donated to charity for each sale. After that, Alex Two left the band and was replaced by Rick Schah, who helped on the next album, 1994's i.s.t. that contained the sentimental single, "Driving With my Darling." In 1995, the band released the successful single, "Deutschemaschine".

After that, due to differences, And One escaped Machinery Records and was quickly signed to Virgin Records. Their first release under Virgin was the single Sometimes, followed by the 1997 album Northlive (Nordhausen) and two more singles, "Sweety Sweety" and the ominous "Sitata Tirula". In '97 they also put out their best OF album, disguised as a full length CD of their singles. In 1998 they put out the EP "Maschinenstuermer", the single "Get you Closer", and the pop-ish album 9.9.99. In 2000, a new bandmate, Annelie Bertilsson, was added, and the catchy album Virgin Superstar was released, along with the single from that album, "Wasted". In 2001 they released the mp3 "Amerika Brennt", and in 2003 they released the single "Krieger".

Their 2004 album, Aggressor, cemented and reinforced the And One sound. Sounding much like their i.s.t album with aggressive lyrics, most of the songs had strong, danceable beats, pretty keyboard melodies, synthy sound effects and deep, harmonious vocals.

Two years after the release of their political Aggressor, And One unveiled their newest album Bodypop for 2006. Sung in English and German, the songs revolve around love, lust and obsession. The up-tempo album features poppy melodies and bouncy beats, merged with deep vocals to create a light-hearted feel. In conjunction with the album, the Frontfeuer EP was released. Containing five brand new tracks (not remixes), the EP’s lead track “Rearming Strafbomber” is the English version of their club hit “Strafbomber!”

In the spring of 2009, And One released Bodypop 1 ½ which featured three new songs in conjunction with unreleased versions of “So Klingt Liebe” and “Love You To The End,” as well as live versions of cover songs that they have performed throughout the years.


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