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A riot grrl with a vocoder and a cyberpunk with a distortion pedal. A unique blend of industrial, rock, noise, metal and a touch of pop, Angelspit are forging a new style in cyber punk locally and internationally. Thick and rich with burning analogue synths and contempt, driven by beats like shards of metal and glossy with pvc and sweat, Angelspit is an industrial/electro duo to watch out for as they experiment with sonic brutality combined with infectious and chemically sweetened melodies. Their tortured synthesizers, crushing bass and stomping beats get into your head and are up to no good. Angelspit’s fierce yet seductive vocals distort beauty with chaos, doing violence to conservativism, apathy and a society fixated with consumerism.

Since forming in 2004, Angelspit have taken the electronic scene by storm, first with the success of the debut album Krankhaus, a barrage of ballistic electro punk, and its follow up, the massive sounding 11 track albumBlood Death Ivory. It had become clear that Angelspit wouldn’t be silenced.

Angelspit joined Metropolis Records for the release of Hideous And Perfect. With its sonic textures ranging from hard pounding beats, to organic atmospheric samples, topped off by a feverishly powerful male and female dual vocal assault, the album proved much harder and darker than its predecessors. The duo's sonic exploration and creative process took them out of the studio, as they recorded much of the album's pounding industrial percussion at an abandoned shipping yard in Sydney Harbour. They fashioned and sampled handmade acoustic and electronic instruments, imparting a unique organic sonic texture to Hideous And Perfect, while also giving a nod to the experimental roots of industrial music.

Never content with the status quo, Angelpit's new remix CD Larva Pupa Tank Coffin dabbles into the darker side of Electro Clash and Electro Punk. With seven remixes (3 of which by Angelspit) and 4 original tracks, Larva Pupa Tank Coffin shows once again how strikingly original this act is.

Remixers include Australia's veteran Electro-Industrial master Dave Foreman (Tankt), US/European Electro wizard Mark Knight (Cage 23), and Koe Soleil's mix of Harsh Euro-Electro and Visual Kei (Noir du'Solei). Combined with Angelspit's self-massacred remixes, Larva Pupa Tank Coffin is guaranteed to make you bleed.