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A chance to design the cover of our new iTunes Compilation

May 10 2012

On Febuary 23rd, we asked our facebook friends the following question: “if you could only recommend one SONG from a Metropolis release for a compilation, what song would you pick?”

After going through all the responses, ignoring anything Eric from Everything Goes Cold ever says, and then getting really busy and putting it on the back burner for a while, we would like to announce the following:

Metropolis Records will be releasing an iTunes-exclusive digital compilation entitled “Metropolis Records: Fan Selected Vol. 1”

We have whittled down the track listing, and now we need your help on for the next step. We are offering up the chance for our fans to design the cover image for the compilation.

- your image MUST be original. No taking a screen cap from Blade Runner and adding text. That’s just cheating. And a little lame.

- image MUST be a 1500x1500 jpg, RGB color

- image must include the title of the compilation: Metropolis Records: Fan Selected Vol. 1

Winner will be chosen at the sole discretion of the Metropolis Records staff.

Winner will receive a $50.00 gift certificate to Metropolis Mail Order

Legal mumbo Jumbo that you need to read:

By submitting your art for consideration, you give Metropolis Records the exclusive license to use the cover for the purpose of accompanying tracks submitted for and sold via the online retailer iTunes in perpetuity as well as publishing the image online for promotion. Metropolis Records will credit the art where appropriate and will not misrepresent or misuse the art in any way. By granting this permission, you waive the right to revoke our use of the cover and also agree that the entire work is original and does not infringe on the copyright of another. Metropolis Records does not profit directly from the use of the cover and so no royalties or payments will be issued for the artwork submitted.

To enter: please submit your entry via email to

With the subject: Metropolis Records: Fan Selected Vol. 1 Contest

Entries must be received by Sunday, May 20th 11:59pm EST

Track Listing:

Metropolis Records Fan Selected

1. KMFDM – Strut as chosen by: Josh Hammonds

2. The Birthday Massacre – Blue as chosen by: Jon Autopsy

3. Angelspit – Ditch the Rest as chosen by: Josh Smith

4. 16Volt – Cables and Wires as chosen by: Jerod England

5. The Break Up – Synthesis as chosen by: Erica Anderson

6. Liquid Divine – Astronauts as chosen by: Josh Benson

7. Ohgr – Hollow as chosen by: Rey Calderon

8. Caustic – White Knuckle Head Fuck as chosen by: Dust Angel

9. Numb – Wasted Sky as chosen by: Gabe Wilkinson

10. Aesthetic Perfection – Hit The Streets as chosen by: Dana Larson

11. Ego Likeness – Breedless as chosen by: Allison Lahikainen

12. Army of the Universe – 8 Flowers as chosen by: Karlynne Fox

13. Accessory – Keen Girl as chosen by: Chad Guimbellot

14. God Module – Rituals as chosen by: Claire Temesia Jones