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The Break Up

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Somewhere around the millennium shift...

It was a night that lasted into the wee hours of the morning (or did it last for days?) filled with much debauchery, intoxication, insomnia and inspiration that brought on "Casio Confessions", the first jam sessions of Shane Allen Hall and Severina Sol. It was a match made in, well...under the stormy skies of the great NorthWest! At the time, Shane was a digital hardcore DJ in the underground Seattle party scene while Severina was a bleeding siren of song for the likes of Fockewolf and Diva Destruction.

Those first seeds would take time to grow into the beautiful birth of The Break Up, and so our musical heroes in the middle years ventured individually, creating, performing and evolving in cities such as New York and Los Angeles. Shane developed the New York nightlife personality "Club Kid" character Blix Krieg and later traded in the stacks for stiletto heels to become Terra Hymen; Seattle's nightlife shock drag queen celebrity. Writing his first complete album in 2003, he formed with Nicki Danger, the electro clash group, Chartreuse And Soda. After Diva Destruction and Fockewolf, Severina Sol spent the first formative year of Atomica, collaborating vocal talent with Wade Alin in NYC. Returning to her hometown Seattle she joined forces with Percy Trayanov continuing to create great musical works of art with Cylab. Severina has also had the honor of creating albums with The Myriad Form and Anguisette.

And it was one long night of the soul starting in 2007, Shane Allen Hall conceived the hard beats and captivating melodies of The Break Up. Blending spirit and voice to song, Severina completed the duo. Later they would add on Sarah Stewart on keyboards and Rey Guajardo on drums, and like the birth of stars in the night sky, coming together by their own talents and gravitational attraction; The Break Up would create a great disturbance of movement and sound, color and depth.