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Few artists in modern industrial have enjoyed maniacally giving the finger to the genre and all of its outdated, bullshit clichs as much as Caustic's Matt Fanale. Like an OCD kid on a four-pack of Red Bull, Caustic bulldozes relentlessly through the genre (and zillion self-servingly named subgenres) with music, rants, and more general stupid live than most people can handle, making him a polarizing force in a scene where people would rather hide behind WoW usernames, fake blood, and eevil clothing than confront (and attempt to do something about, successful or not) why industrial has become pretty damn boring in the last decade.

Described by the Belgic topiary and music magazine Side-Line as " enormous revolution: a will of true individualism and a welcome originality," Caustic has careened from album to album and song to song like each one is his new ugly baby to sell on the black market. While one album is a low-fi, DIY punk experiment, the next (Caustic's Metropolis debut THE GOLDEN VAGINA OF FAME AND PROFIT) is a straight up, polished club disc. Why? Plain and simple: It's fun. And to Caustic that's way more important than worrying about popularity or if the fickle, grumpy underground masses will "accept" it.

And since when was acceptance something industrial ever cared about to begin with?

Caustic has had the pleasure of playing shows with artists such as Atari Teenage Riot, Babyland, Combichrist, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, and Hocico over the last few years, confusing and enthralling the masses with anarchic, destructive live shows leaving the stage and audience drenched in more sweat, booze, and other undisclosed fluids than most people care to even remember. Make no mistake: There's nothing else like Caustic out there, and whether that's a good thing or not is up to you.

Regardless, Caustic ain't going anywhere.

Welcome to the Jizzcorps, bitches. Let's have some fun.


Chum the Waters (feat. Ned Kirby of Stromkern)The Golden Vagina Of Fame And Profitshop