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2020 News

Sound and Shadows lists PIG PAIN IS GOD as best album of 2020! December 30 2020

Regen Magazine Staff Favorites for 2020 with PIG at #1! December 28 2020

DJ Nocturna Interview with Raymond of PIG! December 22 2020

Spill Magazine Interviews Ronny from Clan Of Xymox! December 17 2020

Elektrospank Interviews PIG! December 17 2020

Listen to New FLA and Imperative Reaction on Communion After Dark! December 16 2020

Blackout Radio Show interviews PIG! December 15 2020

Regen Interviews Raymond of PIG! December 14 2020

Side Line Reviews KMFDM IN DUB! December 9 2020

Side Line Reviews Renard - Waking Up In A Different World December 9 2020

Side Line on the new FLA album Mechanical Soul. December 8 2020

Interview with Raymond Watts of PIG! December 3 2020

Regen Interviews God Module! December 3 2020

Regen Mag Interviews Renard! Review Included! December 1 2020

MK Blog Interviews Raymond Watts of PIG! November 23 2020

Cryptic Rock Interviews Tom Shear of Assemblage 23! November 23 2020

Side Line Interviews Assemblage 23! November 23 2020

New Teazer for PIG "Pain Is God"! November 13 2020

Post Punk Premieres New Video from Then Comes Silence! November 13 2020

New video for "Glass" from Imperative Reaction! November 11 2020

New video for "Ghost" from A.P.E! November 11 2020

Side Line Reviews Latest from A23, God Module, & Statiqbloom! November 10 2020

Soundscape Magazine interviews Markus Reinhardt of Renard October 30 2020

Black Book premieres PIG's new video for Rock n Roll Refugee! October 28 2020

Torched Magazine Interviews Clan of Xymox! October 27 2020

Post Punk Reviews Renard! October 20 2020

New Video for "Hotel" off of the 1st album from "Renard" October 8 2020

Side Line Reviews Ego Likeness' "Wolves" EP! October 2 2020

Dismantled Releases New Track "No Escape"! October 2 2020

We Have A Commentary Podcast with Tom Shear of A23! September 28 2020

Regen Magazine Interviews Statiqbloom on Beneath the Whelm! September 21 2020

Elektrospank Interviews Statiqbloom! September 18 2020

Assemblage 23's Tom Shear DJs on Communion After Dark 9/28 September 18 2020

Regen Magazine Reviews Xymox's "Spider on the Wall"! September 18 2020

Electro Zombies Interviews Assemblage 23! September 11 2020

The Reviews for our new releases are pouring in! September 4 2020 reviews Mourn, In Dub, and Unsound Remixes! September 1 2020

DJ Drew Interviews Ego Likeness Aug 30th! August 29 2020

Markus Reinhardt of Wolfsheim is now "Renard." Check out the video for "Travel In Time!" August 27 2020

VNV Live Stream Concert August 29th! August 20 2020

Side Line Interviews Then Comes Silence! August 10 2020

Cryptic Rock reviews Clan of Xymox "Spider on the Wall" August 6 2020

Soundscape Magazine interviews Ronny Moorings of Clan of Xymox! July 22 2020

Black Book interviews Ronny Moorings of Clan of Xymox! July 21 2020 reviews Statiqbloom's new album "Beneath The Whelm". July 17 2020

Get a taste of Dismantled's new single "No Escape"! July 16 2020

New SNOG Video for "Death Is Only A Dream"! July 10 2020

New Clan of Xymox video for "All I Ever Know"! July 3 2020

For the month of July, Dark Nouveau is pay what you want! July 1 2020

Side Line Reviews Then Came Silence's "Machine" June 30 2020

On The Edge Radio Interviews Rotersand June 24 2020

Regen Magazine Interviews SNOG and Reviews the New Album! June 23 2020

On The Edge radio interviews Jurgen Engler of Die Krupps June 3 2020

Torched Magazine Interviews Then Came Silence! June 2 2020

New Album coming from Dismantled! Download Free Track! May 28 2020

Soundscape Magazine interviews David Thrussell of SNOG May 28 2020

New SNOG Video for "Ball and Chain"! May 28 2020

Regen Magazine Reviews Numb's "Mortal Geometry"! May 13 2020

Regen Magazine Interviews Rotersand and Reviews the New Album! May 12 2020

Blackout radio show interviews Jurgen Engler of Die Krupps May 11 2020

New video from Snog for "Spatzle Machine" May 6 2020

Corona Virus claims The Stranglers keyboardest Dave greenfield. RIP. May 4 2020

Soundscape Magazine interviews Die Krupps May 4 2020

She Past Away Premieres The Soft Moon Remix of Rituel April 17 2020

An interview with Rotersand April 10 2020

ReGen Mag Interviews Die Krupps! April 2 2020

A Model Of Control interviews Then Comes Silence April 1 2020 reviews Then Comes Silence's new album "Machine". April 1 2020

Free Die Krupps remix! March 27 2020

New Birthday Massacre Album Diamonds Streaming On Youtube! March 23 2020

Post Punk Interviews Then Comes Silence! March 20 2020

Side Line Interviews Die Krupps! March 17 2020

Online live interview with Ego Likeness March 17th! March 13 2020

Check out the new video for "Durdu Dunya" from She Past Away! February 29 2020

New video for "She" from Clan of Xymox! February 24 2020

Monsters, Madness, and Magic Interviews KMFDM! February 20 2020

Monsters, Madness, and Magic Interviews Hanzel Und Gretyl February 10 2020

Elektrospank Interviews KMFDM! January 31 2020

New SNOG video for "Plug In Drug"! January 30 2020

Soundscape Magazine interviews Ego Likeness January 29 2020

Primitive Race taps Mark Hennessy as New Vocalist! January 27 2020

MK Ultra Mag Interviews Hanzel Und Gretyl! January 20 2020

Please Welcome New Metropolis Signing "Then Comes Silence" January 10 2020

Soundscape Magazine interviews Hanzel Und Gretyl January 2 2020

A Converstaion with Sascha K of KMFDM January 2 2020

The Birthday Massacre announce new album! January 2 2020