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Hailing from England, Client formed in 2003 with original members Client A (Kate Holmes formerly of Frazier Chorus and Technique) and Client B (Sarah Blackwood former singer of Dubstar).

That same year, Client was signed to Depeche Mode keyboardist Andy Fletcher’s Toast Hawaii label. The band and label’s first release was the single Price Of Love in April which was followed up by a second single Rock And Roll Machine and the self titled debut album in August. The album was hailed by press around the world as a "breakthrough" and "groundbreaking," and in particular, high praises came from Billboard Magazine and the UK’s DJ Magazine. This led to the release of a third single, Here And Now in December.

To keep their momentum strong, the duo immediately began working on new material for their follow-up release. With their new found fans eager for new material, the In It For The Money single was released in June of 2004, and followed-up by the Radio single and second album, City, in September. With their debut album garnering them so much attention, they were able to acquire Joe Wilson (Sneaker Pimps/Trash Money) as a co-producer and land guest vocal appearances on City by Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Carl Barat (The Libertines) and Pete Doherty (Babyshambles). The third single, Pornography, from their second album was released in early 2005.

Client’s ever growing fan and media recognition in just those two years allowed several of their tracks to be featured in several TV shows including: Nip/Tuck, CSI, Queer As Folk, The L Word, and The OC. The band soon realized how demanding their work load was for two people since not only did they write songs and release records, but also DJ-ed, remixed for other bands, performed live and designed their own merchandise. The duo brought Client E (Emily Mann) on board in late 2005 and began work on their third album while parting ways with their label.

The sexy electro pop trio didn’t stay homeless for long. They quickly found not one, but two new homes in 2006: Metropolis Records in North America, and Out Of Line Records in Europe. Both labels released singles independently from one another. Out Of Line released the Lights Go Out single in November 2006, and Metropolis Records released the Zerox Machine single (which is a cover of the classic Adam and the Ants song) in February 2007. Both labels released Client’s album, Heartland, in early April. The sultry, sexy electro pop album, features teasing beats, grooving melodies, fishnet hooks, and sweet seducing vocals that will make anyone hard pressed to find merely one favorite track. From the happy “Drive” to bouncy “Lights Go Out” to the rocking “Zerox Machine” and the 60’s go-go-esque “6 In The Morning,” Client have covered all of the bases to make sure they aren’t thought of as just another pretty face.

When Client released Heartland in 2007, it met with rave reviews in both the electronic and pop music scenes. Client returned nearly a year to the day with a thirteen track remix album simply titled: Untitled Remix. Their most popular tracks were given new life through some of the most incredible remixes placed on plastic, and as if that weren’t enough, special appearances were made by Nitzer Ebb/Fixmer-Mcarthy front man Douglas Mcarthy and Die Krupps!


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