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Peter Murphy At The Chapel Postponed until June/July 2018

February 7 2018

It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that Peter Murphy’s residency here at The Chapel is being rescheduled to June 26th through July 15th. We’ve put everything we have into making this residency happen, but unfortunately Peter’s visa has still not come through and we simply could not, in good conscience, carry on rescheduling these dates piecemeal – as we all know firsthand how frustrating that is, and we are no clearer to any indication that the situation will not last all the way through to the end of the scheduled dates.

We have worked tirelessly to try and make sure fans stay informed with the most up to date information, corresponding personally with thousands of ticket holders directly, and want to say thank you to all the fans who met us with kindness and understanding. One thing we have learned is that Peter Murphy fans are an incredible community of people.

This situation is obviously very far from ideal, and we sincerely apologize for the massive inconvenience this has caused all those set to attend one of these shows.
All tickets purchased for the original run of shows will be honored for these new dates, here are the new dates for the residency:


Should the World Fail to Fall Apart:
2/19/17 9:00 PM the new date is 6/26/18 9:00 PM

Love Hysteria:
2/26/18 9:00 PM the new date is 7/7/18 8:00 PM
2/8/18 9:00 PM the new date is 7/7/18 10:00 PM

Deep/special “Love Hysteria” selections encore:
2/12/18 9:00 PM the new date is 7/12/18 9:00 PM

2/19/18 9:00 PM the new date is 7/13/18 9:00 PM
2/17/18 7:00 PM the new date is 7/14/18 9:00 PM
2/17/18 10:00 PM the new date is 7/15/18 9:00 PM

Holy Smoke:
2/10/18 9:00 PM the new date is 7/4/18 10:00 PM

2/7/18 9:00 PM the new date is 7/4/18 8:00 PM
2/9/18 9:00 PM the new date is 7/6/18 8:00 PM
2/10/18 9:00 PM the new date is 7/6/18 10:00 PM
2/11/18 9:00 PM the new date is 7/8/18 9:00 PM

Mr. Moonlight (Bauhaus Classics):
2/14/18 9:00 PM the new date is 6/28/18 9:00 PM
2/15/18 9:00 PM the new date is 6/29/18 9:00 PM
2/16/18 9:00 PM the new date is 6/30/18 9:00 PM

You will be receiving an instructional email from our ticket provider Ticketfly with further details, especially for those of you with multiple tickets, and we will be here to help guide you through this process with any and all information we can (feel free to call us at 415-551-5157). You can receive refunds by emailing directly.

Again, we apologize deeply for this inconvenience and want to make it clear that we did everything in the book to not only help assist in this process, but also to accommodate fans and be as transparent as possible. We couldn’t be more excited for this residency to finally happen, and hope to see you all in June.