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DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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yelworC has been a source of inspiration for many bands and is almost historical on the electro-industrial music scene. With the new album Icolation, yelworC continues the themes explored in his last album, Trinity. Drawing influence from Dante's Inferno, Icolation takes the listener on a journey of the damned, from darkest hell straight to an apocalyptic purgatory. The music is as hard, twisted and complex as before - a synthesis of strong, vital rhythms and darkest melodic compositions. Darker than dark, harder than hard - but always featuring that surprising and patented twisted Yelworc sound. The master of evil electronics has returned, and has brought the very sounds of Hell with him.

Track List

01. Lord Of The Three
02. In The Purgatory
03. Without Remorse - Remix
04. Icolation
05. Lost Futile
06. Phantoms Of Conscience
07. Inner Monologue
08. Ecce Mundo - Version 2
09. Personal Hell
10. The Bells Of Waiting
11. Dark Thorn - Version 2
12. The Shrine Of Illusion - Version 2
13. Masks Off!
14. Purple Blood
15. Reason And Refusal
16. Essence Awake!
17. Secret's Trace