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Battery Cage

Forever Never Ends

DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Battery Cage returns to Metropolis in 2008 with a brand new digital-only release, Forever Never Ends. Building on the momentum of the previous album, Forever Never Ends contains 5 new songs, 2 unreleased out-takes from A Young Person's Guide To Heartbreak, and 4 remixes. Thematically linked to its predecessor, the new material continues to explore the confusion and devastation of living with the consequence of a broken heart. Opening with the title track, a powerful gothic dance-floor anthem, Forever Never Ends maintains the intensity from start to finish, with remixes provided by such acts as former Metropolis artist Out Out, as well as Canada's Fractured. Former founding bandmate Jeremy Page returns, after almost a decade, to deliver his own unique spin on “Hustler,” and mainstream remix artist RemixVillain takes “Crush And Spurn” to an all new level by stripping it down to the rawest possible components. With the past few years of intense creation now fully realized, Forever Never Ends sets the bar high and challenges the listener to hear beyond an increasingly narrow set of genre restrictions.

Track List

01. Forever Never Ends
02. No One Else To Blame
03. The Perfect Girl
04. Getting Darker
05. Shattered
06. Even Colder Inside Her
07. I'm Sick Of Everything
08. Crush And Spurn (Bone Crusher Mix)
09. Do You Even Remember Me Now (Amnesia Mix)
10. Something Wonderful (Electro Skank Mix)
11. Hustler (Street Hustlin' Mix)

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