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Army of The Universe

Lovedead EP (digital only)

DIGITAL (2011) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Cutting edge music born for the dance floor melts with epic power rock as Milan, italy based Army of the Universe debuts with Lovedead EP. After the completion of the upcoming album, entitled Mother Ingnorance, the band took two tracks, Lovedead and Resin, and had the highly talented producers Bloody Beetroots, T. Raumschmiere and Evil Nine give the remix treatment. Both the album and LoveDead EP feature production assistance and mixing by Chris Vrenna (tweaker, NIN, Marylin Manson).

Track List

01. Lovedead
02. Resin
03. Dust in the Universe
04. Hollywood Drama
05. Lovedead (Evil Nine Radio Edit)
06. Lovedead (Evil Nine Remix)
07. Lovedead (T. Raumschmiere Dub)
08. Resin (Bobermann Remix)