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Aesthetic Perfection

A Nice Place To Destroy (digital only)


This new digital only single from Aesthetic Perfection features four versions of “A Nice Place to Visit”, five versions of “All Beauty Destroyed” and a cover of the Fine Young Cannibals' classic “She Drives Me Crazy”.

Videos for "A Nice Place to Visit" and "All Beauty Destroyed" (Quicktime format) included with the full EP purchase!

A Nice Place to Visit (Album Version)3:44
A Nice Place to Visit (Formalin Remix)4:29
A Nice Place to Visit (Double Plus Ten Remix)4:53
A Nice Place to Visit (Of These Hope Remix)6:35
All Beauty Destroyed (Album Version)3:54
All Beauty Destroyed (Daniel Myer Remix)4:11
All Beauty Destroyed (Comaduster Remix)4:06
All Beauty Destroyed (EMP 80834 Remix)4:24
All Beauty Destroyed (Sensuous Enemy Remix)3:59
She Drives Me Crazy3:49