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Rockets & Swords

DIGITAL (2012) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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CD $12.98

For more than two decades, De/Vision has been captivating fans of electronic pop music. Where many acts would rest on their laurels, De/Vision has returned with Rockets & Swords, the most beautiful album of its storied career. Steffen & Thomas once again went into the studio with the producer team Schumann & Bach, who worked with the duo on the more recent albums NOOB & Popgefahr. From the echoed notes of “Beauty Of Decay” to the haunting “Want To Believe”, Rockets & Swords is an exquisite shimmering beacon of electronic resplendence.

Track List

01. Boy Toy
02. Superhuman
03. Beauty of Decay
04. Brotherhood of Man
05. Stargazer
06. Binary Soldier
07. Want to Believe
08. Bipolar
09. Mystified
10. Running All Night