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DIGITAL (2014) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

New York City is a world of shadows, thieves and con men, its chilling concrete landscapes are a fitting filmic backdrop for the aural futuristic pleasures of NOIR, a band whose deep electronic rhythms fuel darkened beats that conjure stark cinematic images from yesteryear merged with the cold machinery of the future. Conceptualized by vocalist Athan Maroulis, veteran of the pioneering electronic industrial act Spahn Ranch, NOIR is a sensuous electronic return to form for Maroulis, who also fronts dark cabaret legends Black Tape For a Blue Girl. The result was the 2013 critically acclaimed release Darkly Near, an album that Side Line Music Magazine said, "probably stands for the most intimate electro project Athan Maroulis has ever been involved with. It all sounds like revealing his deepest inner thoughts transposed into electronic grace, musical poetry and simply finesse." While FEARnet stated that Darkly Near "moves NOIR to the front of the dark electro-pop pack, with a mature refinement that places the band in a class by itself." NOIR's latest release RE:MIT:TENT offers 20 remixes of songs from Darkly Near featuring a diverse list of names from all over the electronic music field including ManMadeMan, Assemblage 23, Dead Voices On Air, Ludovico Technique, Decoded Feedback and many others.

Track List

01. A Forest (ManMadeMan Remix)
02. Timephase (Nick Brennan Remix)
03. The Bells (Interface Remix)
04. My Dear (Assemblage 23 Remix)
05. My Dear (Ego Likeness Remix)
06. The Bells (Deadliner Remix)
07. The Bells (Lemurr Remix)
08. The Bells (Souless Affection Remix)
09. Timephase (Inertia: The Third Man Remix)
10. Timephase (Asylum Black Remix)
11. Timephase (Ludovico Technique Remix)
12. The Bells (Decoded Feedback Remix)
13. Timephase (Anti-Mechanism Remix)
14. Timephase (Die Sektor Remix)
15. The Tragics (Amphetamine Virus Remix)
16. In Every Dream Home A Heartache (Displacer Remix)
17. The Voyeurs (Metrognome vs Falcotronik Remix)
18. The Voyeurs (Dead Voices On Air Remix)
19. The Voyuers (Black Tape for a Blue Girl Remix)
20. Timephase (PBK & Artemis K Remix)