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Morning Tide Grey

DIGITAL (2017) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Nashville's FIRES creates a compelling mix of American industrial, pop, & dark electronic with more than a touch of Synthwave. The album is influenced by the more pop elements of acts like Imperative Reaction, The Killers, Carpenter Brut, S U R V I V E, & Kesha. "Morning Tide Grey" is a compelling preview of the upcoming debut album "Red Goes Grey". Featuring a diverse roster of remixers, Morning Tide Grey shows us what to expect from FIRES, as well as distinct takes from his contemporaries. Spawned during an intensely profound period of personal upheaval, every song on the upcoming LP "Red Goes Grey" breathes with emotionally charged intimacy. The album will be out on 8 September 2017 worldwide.

Track List

01. Red Goes Grey (Live Rework)
02. To Be All Alone (Null Device Remix)
03. Believe Me (Instrumental Mix)
04. Red Goes Grey (The Rain Within Remix)
05. Tide (Lain Hiro Remix)
06. To Be All Alone (Adoration Destroyed Mix)
07. Red Goes Grey (Dub Jay Remix)
08. To Be All Alone (Legion Mix By Interface)
09. Tide (Cryo Unit Mix)
10. To Be All Alone (Mangadrive Remix)
11. Red Goes Grey (Panic Lift Remix)
12. To Be All Alone (Ad-Ver-Sary's here for you mix)
13. Tide (Wesley Mueller Mix)