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The Oxidising Angel


Blutengel is back with a bang up release jam-packed with insatiable tunes! The Oxidising Angel shows Chris Pohl and his singing graces at their best. The title track stands as a perfect example as to how dark electronic dance music should sound in the year 2005 – driving beats merged with sinister but melodic electronica and atmospheric synthesizer pads. Pohl's characteristic dark vocal timbre delivers the addictive tune of the song with a lot of emotion, while his female counterparts take the listener to other worlds. A highlight of this release is “Cry Little Sister,” an intense electronic rendition of the title song to Eighties cult-vampire-flick, The Lost Boys. The band manages to keep up the top-level-quality for the entire release, from the strikingly beautiful ballad, “A Little Love” to the dark-disco-anthem, “Leave the Day.” Blutengel prove once again that they are the top of their game with The Oxidising Angel.

Track List

01. The Oxidising Angel
02. Cry Little Sister
03. Burning Heaven
04. A Little Love
05. Leave The Day
06. Angels Of the Dark (remixed by Lost Area)
07. Falling (remixed by Angelus Mortus)
08. Navigator (feat. Sara Noxx/remixed by Noxx/Ritinger)
09. The Oxidising Angel (remixed by Control System)
10. Leave The Day (Crystal Tears Remix)
11. The Oxidising Angel (singel edit)