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Born out of the ashes of Philadelphia's fledgling punk rock scene of the late 1970's, Bunnydrums have shared the stage with such artists as R.E.M., Bauhaus, Tuxedomoon, Gang of Four, the Cult, Pylon, and many more before disbanding in 1986. The band took punk, new wave, and psychedelic rock to a new level never heard before. Their sound was fresh, un-tapped, and highly unique. As a celebration of the current 80's revival, Metropolis Records is pleased to announce a special collection of Bunnydrums tracks completely re-mastered, titled "PKD/Simulacra" - "PKD" being Bunnydrums' first record, and "Simulacra" being a long out of print "best of." On Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. Smithson
02. Magazine
03. Crawl
04. Shiver
05. Sleeping
06. Ugh
07. Stop
08. Too Much Time
09. Up
10. On the Surface
11. Closed Eyes
12. Strain
13. YBB
14. Frozen Hands
15. Holy Moly
16. Deep in the Heart
17. Switchblade
18. Win
19. Little Room