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Psyclon Nine

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Psyclon Nine is the Dark Industrial mind-child of singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nero Bellum. Formed in the early 2000’s Psyclon Nine has explored many sounds within the Industrial and Metal genres. They are often credited as being the father of “Blackened Industrial”. 

LESS TO HEAVEN (available for purchase / streaming August 19 via Metropolis Records) is the seventh full length studio album from Psyclon Nine that sees the group charting undefined musical territory that bridges elements of metalcore with doom electronics, trip-techno with black metal, and experimental cinematic soundscapes with alternative rock. 

SEE YOU ALL IN HELL is the second single from LESS TO HEAVEN and is a distorted machinery laden, punishing follow up to MONEY AND SEX AND DEATH. The song does not submit to genre as it flows from experimental noise through to hip hop and metal core with the repeated lyric “there is no god” bridging all gaps. 

The music video for SEE YOU ALL IN HELL was filmed on location in Los Angeles, CA by director Vicente Cordero / Industrialism Films. 

Nero Bellum had this to say about SEE YOU ALL IN HELL : “This is a song about wanting to die and wanting to see everyone and everything around me broken. Music is a weapon and this song is a murder / suicide.”

Psyclon Nine - See You All In Hell

Psyclon Nine - Money And Sex And Death