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The Left Rights

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Born out of the massive electro/punk cult group MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE, the meat and two veg half of the band, JIMMY URINE and STEVE, RIGH? release their second album in a decade under the name THE LEFT RIGHTS. Jimmy and Steve make a collect phone call to god and smite the world with the album BAD CHOICES MADE EASY. As if things couldn't get worse with the recession and joaquin phoenix …. the lead singles “WHITE” and “WHY YOU IN MY PHYZICAL” are better then The Beatles ...period! Don't argue with me. It's too immature for adults and too adult for children. Its the perfect Mother's Day gift.THE LEFT RIGHTS are the drug problems you're too afraid to admit you have, and the porn addiction you brag about . You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss 10 bux goodbye! 41 tracks with songs including “YOUNG BLACK AND CONSTIPATED”, “MAGIC BONE”, “FREE PORN” and “ASS IN MY FACE” (parts 1 and 2...) will make you wanna shit your self….so just admit you have been beaten and submissively lay down and enjoy THE LEFT RIGHTS!!!