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Snog Anniversary!

January 8 2010

Early 2010 marks twenty years since Snog first entered a recording studio to put down “Corporate Slave”, their first ever single and a left-field industrial/electro/agit-prop dancefloor hit way back in 1992. Don’t make too much noise about it (because it makes the band feel a bit long-in-the-tooth) but do pause for a moment to ponder the ever-changing (and to some people the just plain confusing) nature of Snog. Never generic in any form Snog have in various incarnations donned the costumes of electro/industrial/spaghetti western/folk/country and electro-punk-funk music but the core has remained steadfast - songs that grapple with the innate and important stuff (or at least “how low can humanity go?”). So take a few moments out from your busy day to wonder what this crazy world of ours would be like without the sometimes sneering, sometimes sentimental sounds of Snog and if the urge strikes you, go stand naked in the sunshine eating an organic mango - because that’s what David Thrussell is doing right now too.