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DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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CD $12.98

Ascii.Disko breeds low-fi pop with electronica for a lethal concoction like none other. Straight out of Germany, this one man band is a genius at constructing minimal electronic pop music that neither lacks in diversity nor in intelligence. Retro, yet futuristic sounding, Ascii.Disko's self-titled debut will lead the way for the direction electronic music is about to take. On Metropolis.

Track List

01. Immer
02. Ne Travailer Jamais
03. Strassen
04. Cool
05. Jetzt
06. Aldimarkt
07. Einfach
08. Jack Your Body To The Beat
09. Moi, Je Veux
10. Photos
11. Schanze
12. Popmusik