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Harsh Generation

DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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CD $12.98

Following up their 2004 album, Prescription: Medicide, Grendel has returned with Harsh Generation. It is apparent that the three year gap has not been spent idle for the band's production value has increased exponentially. Featuring ten brutal tracks of harsh EBM and electronics, Harsh Generation has one motive in mind – to get your adrenaline flowing. Distorted vocals, acidic synth lines, pummeling bass-lines, and jagged melodies streamline the release to make it the most addictive Grendel assault to date.

Track List

01. Intro
02. Harsh Generation
03. Void Malign
04. The Judged Ones
05. Remnants
06. B.A.A.L. (Deliver Me)
07. Dirty
08. Hate This
09. New Flesh
10. Outro