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The Human Parasite

DIGITAL (2010) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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A relative newcomer to the scene, Menschdefekt (roughly translated as Broken Man) is an excellent harsh electro act. Though stylistically the sound mainly moves between Electro and Industrial, the influence of different genres such as Trance, Future Pop, and Gothic shine through. While the vocals are dark, aggressive and significantly distorted, the lyrics are deliberately constructed to be socially critical and provocative in order to reflect the term “menschdefekt.” The human psyche plays a major role in the development of the lyrics, as do such topics as war, nationalism/ fascism, murder, consumer consumption and our wasteful society. Compelling electro rhythms are mingled with media samples, adding to a sense of insanity and absurdity in the overall compositions. With The Human Parasite, Menschdefekt has laid out its manifesto, and done so with driving force.

Track List

01. Plague (The Human Parasite)
02. Dedicating Hate
03. Psycho Bitch
04. Instincts Of Corruption
05. Schizophrenia
06. Fragile Existence
07. Dekadenz
08. I Am The Way
09. Mind Control
10. Piggy
11. Black Harvest
12. Trigger
13. Flaws
14. The Darkside