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Electronic Saviors Vol. 3: Remission (Bonus Tracks)

DIGITAL (2014) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Pre-order the Premium Edition directly from the mastermind behind Electronic Saviors, Jim Semonik, here.

"You are cured!" These words are a dream come true to any cancer patient. Scene promoter, DJ and frontman of electro-industrial act Rein[Forced], Jim Semonik, returns to give the vile disease of cancer another pummeling with a ton of his friends, comrades, heroes and allies in Electronic Saviors 3:Remission. Jim, creator of the series, recently celebrated 5 years cancer free and is eager to share his gift with the world. He was diagnosed in 2008 with stage 2B colorectal cancer and has since made Electronic Saviors his dream project along with close friend Chase Dudley (boxed warning). The Electronic Saviors series has been one of the most successful compilation series in industrial scene history having already raised over 30K for charity. Semonik once again returns with an armada of talent to shake dance floors and crush eardrums. Brand new and exclusive tracks from Combichrist, 16 Volt, Hate Dept, Stromkern, Rein[Forced], Panic Lift, Ego Likeness, Left Spine Down, Aesthetic Perfection and many, many more make Electronic Saviors 3 an essential purchase. Limited to 1000 copies, this volume is expected to sell out quickly and become a collector's item. The Electronic Saviors series continues to grow with this 3rd volume. Jim once again dedicates this volume to anyone who has been a victim of cancer in any way, shape or form.

Track List

01. The Dead Room - Penetrate Your Soul (Facialized Dirt Edit)
02. Tragic Impulse - My Body, My Battlefield
03. Vein Collector - Six In The Middle
04. Standard Issue Citizen - This Final Memory
05. Hopeful Machines - ThewhitelandsofEmpathica (Edit)
06. Antidote For Annie - No Takebacks
07. Skeptik V.5 - Until Hate Do Us Part
08. Tranzitional Override - Exteriority
09. Day Twelve - Sky Punch
10. The Burning Path - House of Sorrow
11. Mechanical Cabaret - Under The Flag
12. Dethcentrik - If Only (Chris Vrenna Remix)
13. Short & Crunch - Die Heilung
14. Man Woman Machine - Bearing The Palm
15. Agnes Wired For Sound - Immortal
16. C2 - RLFv3
17. Hexweapon - End of Wound
18. Icezeit - BodyWar
19. Mechanical Vein - Set It In Motion
20. Dharmata 101 - Watch You Fall
21. Becoming The Devourer - December Hovering Out (ES3 Mix)
22. Stoneburner - The Human Void
23. The Empty Stretcher - Wilderness Without You
24. for all the emptiness - loving wrath (apollo's revenge mix by Die Sektor)
25. The Sedona Effect - Delicate Silence
26. Short To Ground - Child's Play (That's Like a Baby's Toy Mix by Cyanotic)
27. Dead Man'z Kassette - Anything
28. Draconian Elimination Projects Feat. MiXE1 - Dust Settles
29. Asylum Black - Plastic Nurse
30. EMU-ART - Kill it Now
31. stardotstar - Throwing Stones
32. Frontal Boundary - Front Line (Project Rotten Mix)
33. Venus In Furs - Ghosts