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Lords of Acid

Our Little Secret (Special Remastered Band Edition)

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Vinyl · LIMITED ED. 2LP $23.00

"Our Little Secret", the third studio album from Lords of Acid. Originally released in 1997, the album maintains the industrial music and sexually charged songs found on their previous album Voodoo-U. Our Little Secret hit the U.S. Billboard 200, peaking at number 100. The album features one of their most recognizable hits, "Pussy". Now remastered & released as the Special Remastered Band Edition

Track List

01. Lover (Cantata)
02. Rubber Doll (Opus)
03. Finger Lickin' Good
04. LSD = Truth (Solo)
05. Man's Best Friend
06. Cybersex (Sherzo)
07. Pussy (Round)
08. Deep Sexy Space (Chorale)
09. Doggie Tom (Overture)
10. (Concerto For) Me and Myself
11. Spank My Booty (Reprise)
12. Power Is Mine (Coda)
13. You Belong to Me (Theme)
14. Pussy (Box Banger)
15. Lover (KMFDM 'Cake Mix')
16. Rubber Doll (Frankie Bones)
17. Horror Movies