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The Dreaming

From The Ashes

DIGITAL (2017) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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CD $12.98

The Dreaming is an intense, driving industrial rock outfit forged from a founding member of Stabbing Westward. The 2015 album "Rise Again" was well received by critics & fans. The Dreaming now presents "From The Ashes", a new companion to "Rise Again" featuring the band's Christopher Hall, Walter Flakus, & Carlton Bost's remixed and re-imagined versions of the songs from that album.

Track List

01. Alone (ReAmped RMX)
02. Painkillers (2 Drink Minimum RMX)
03. Blink Of An Eye (Big Sky RMX)
04. Still Believe (Donut Shop RMX)
05. Afrai (Vapor RMX)
06. Empty Promises (Happy And You Know It RMX)
07. Throw It Away (Red Ox RMX)
08. Destroy (Tuf Luv RMX)
09. Kisses Taste Like Death (Anvil RMX)
10. Rise Again (All Nite Diner RMX)
11. Alone (Sinister RMX)
12. Painkillers (Gimme My Dope RMX)
13. Still Believe (Sucker RMX)