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Age Of The Disposable Body (Deluxe Edition)

DIGITAL (2017) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

After five years without an album, Grendel returns with "Age Of The Disposable Body". The new album reaches back to his Industrial/Coldwave & early Body Music roots, reflecting what Grendel is truly about, & delivering a more mature, defined sound. Pivoting from the straight up aggro-EBM, "AOTD" shows Grendel exploring surprising new directions, creating an artistically expansive, immersive album. Deluxe Digital Edition with bonus tracks

Track List

01. Magnum Opus (intro)
02. Severed Nations
03. Hex It
04. Fall Like Rome
05. Flux
06. Far Away (Feat. The Invalid)
08. Scorn
09. Dead Inside
10. Zero Hour
11. AOTDB (Noir Antidote remix)
12. Severed Nations (Ludovico Technique remix)
13. Flux (Assemblage 23 remix)
14. Hex It (Solve remix)
15. Dead Inside (Shiv-R remix)
16. Far Away (Panic Lift remix)
17. AOTDB (The Ladder remix)
18. Hex It (Spitmask remix)
19. Fall Like Rome (Riot Kitten remix)
20. Flux (Alpha Quadrant remix)
21. Severed Nations (Plastic Noise Experience remix)
22. Flux (Solar Fake Remix)