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Electronic Saviors Vol. 5 Remembrance

DIGITAL (2018) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

When we lose someone close to us, it fills us with a void, an emptiness.  We try to move on in the best way we can.  Sometimes we throw ourselves into the things that we love most.  One of those passions is surely music.  Metropolis Records and Distortion Productions are proud to present the fifth volume in the critically acclaimed Electronic Saviors series, Remembrance.  Cancer survivor and industrial scene promoter and DJ, Jim Semonik has once again joined forces with longtime friend and collaborator, Chase Dudley (boxed warning) to bring together bands and artists from across the broad spectrum of the industrial scene to create this massive compilation album.  Tracks by coldwave and industrial rock greats, Pig, Mindless Faith and 16Volt share the space with newcomers FIRES, Esther Black and Encephalon.  The tracks range from the club friendly future pop of Ashbury Heights to the tribal stylings of Stoneburner to the dark electro of Ludovico Technique and Red Lokust. Once again, the diversity of the industrial scene is on display for all to hear. The 70 track, 4 disc comp with be available digitally from Metropolis Records while the 6 CD, 105 track Premium Edition will be available is a strictly limited edition boxset of 500 copies available at Distortion Productions' website,  The Premium Edition will include all 6 physical discs, wristband, Bumper Sticker and Autographed Postcard.  There will also be, for the first time ever, an Electronic Saviors comic book with companion soundtrack sold separately.  More details on that will be released closer to release date. Everybody has lost someone to cancer or knows someone that has.  Listen to this album and let them live on in your memories.  Let us give our lost ones the Remembrance they deserve.

Track List

01. Fires (Feat. The Rain Within) - Survive
02. Ashbury Heights - Recorded for MG Lewis (ES Mix)
03. Everything Goes Cold - We Don't Deserve Happiness
04. Trade Secrets - Broken Instincts
05. Lionhearts - No Going Back (Forma Tadre Remix)
06. Esther Black - California (Wiccid Remix)
07. Androidgyny - You've Only Got One Life
08. Aesthetic Perfection - Rhythm + Control (Third Realm Remix)
09. Tragic Impulse - APOC
10. Xentrifuge - Escape
11. Caustic - Resurrector
12. NOIR - Pleasure To Burn (FIRES MIX)
13. Abbey Death - Those Aware
14. TraKKtor - Virus (Resurected)
15. The Thought Criminals - Reality
16. Deathproof - Dashing Dame
17. iVardensphere - Icarus (The Blood of Others Remix)
18. I:Scintilla - Strange Day (feat Daniel Neet)
19. Red Lokust - I'm Not Here
20. Mona Mur and En Esch - This Is My Life (Massive in Mench Remix)
21. MC Lord Of The Flies - Rear View Mirror
22. Go Fight - Fly (All The Way)
23. PIG - If He Swings By The String
24. Shiv-R - Disconnect (Electronic Saviors Mix)
25. Stoneburner - The Heart Plug
26. Imperative Reaction - Funtional (Aesthtic Perfection Remix)
27. Soil & Eclipse - Skin
28. Spider Lilies - Fight Song (Tragic Impulse Remix)
29. Encephalon - Never Bleed (Facsimile)
30. Suicide Inside - Besides Your Love
31. AmPsych - Ros Lysis III
32. Seven Trees - Poisoned
33. 16Volt - Pushing Scars (Clubber Mix)
34. Stiff Valentine - Thoughts Become Things
35. The Dark Clan - Night Terrors
36. Xenturion Prime - Goodbye
37. Psy'Aviah - Gamechanger
38. Null Device - Slowfade
39. Boxed Warning - Adhesion
40. Hocico - I Abomination
41. Too Dead To Die - Wanderlust (Radio Car Version)
42. Inertia - Afloat Above Abide (Robotix Mix)
43. Glass Apple Bonzai - Trapped Inside My Own Denial (feat. Jamie Cronander (Striplicker))
44. Ludovico Technique - Absence (Red Lokust Remix)
45. Deathline Int. - Born Again (Final Mix)
46. Blutengel - Gott:Glaube
47. Helix - Anymore
48. Cesium_137 - No Contact (Ferocious Patterns Mix)
49. Cephalgy - In My Head
50. Lorelei Dreaming - Parachute (TRW Remix version 2)
51. Coldkill - Angel Unaware (Psyche Remix)
52. Decoded Feedback - Another Life
53. Mindless Faith - Concern (China Bluefish mix)
54. Wiccid - Days Above Ground
55. Panic Lift - More Than Anything
56. Klack - Time
57. Adoration Destroyed - Ember
58. Interface - Pathfinder
59. Third Realm - Shattered Illusion
60. The Gothsicles (feat. Toril Lindqvist of Alice In Videoland) Multi-Laired (Wiccid Remix)
61. Solitary Experiments - I Am
62. Idiot Stare - The End
63. The Rain Within - Every Step And Every Breath
64. Leaether Strip - Into Its Eyes (Zero Affect Remix)
65. Massiv In Mensch - Spiegelbild
66. Ambassador21 - War (Instrumental)
67. Flesh Field - Inferior (Switch Rejection Mix by Flesh Field)
68. Stars Crusaders - Beta Cancri
69. Massive Ego (Feat. Maggie K. DeMonde) - Low Life
70. KP Riot Brigade (feat. Jared Louche and Jimmy Semtex) - Child of Shame