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Dark Nouveau

DIGITAL (2019) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Metropolis Records proudly presents Dark Nouveau, a compilation that features 24 diverse bands from around the globe that all share one thing in common, a taste for the dark. While many of these fine bands are often dubbed Post-Punk, Industrial, Synthwave, Goth and Dark Wave, the goal of Dark Nouveau was to bring together these different sub-genres under one banner that showcases both known as well as unknown bands that best define the varied new directions of the dark music spectrum. From the beloved Turkish duo She Past Away to the obscure Argentinian duo Balvanera, each track was carefully chosen to represent the continued growth in the world of dark music. This digital only release is dedicated to the late vocalist Scott Walker (1943-2019).

Track List

01. She Past Away -Asimilasyon
02. Antipole - Deco Blue
03. Ash Code - Posthuman
04. Shadow Age - In Snow
05. Hante. - Silence The Voices
06. Balvanera - Compression (The Absent)
07. NOIR - A Pleasure to Burn
08. Skeleton Hands - Unwanted
09. Dancing Plague - An Endless Want
10. Push/Button/Press - Hypatia
11. Night Nail - Nowhere
12. FTR - Black Sand
13. Canter - Black Bag
14. Decedent vs. Slighter - Hyper-Aware (Corruption Mix)
15. Dark Door - Deforme
16. Seeming - The Burial
17. The Harrow - Ringing The Changes
18. Dead Leaf Echo - You.My.Treasure
19. Twin Tribes - Shadows
20. Weird Candle - Alchemist
21. Paradox Obscur - Flesh
22. The Shyness Of Strangers - Serpent River
24. Inopera - Nepenthe