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System Syn


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System Syn's The Mouring Ritual in 2005 cast doubt among fans on whether the band could surpass the benchmark that they set for themselves. Now, three years later System Syn returns to answer that question. YES! But forget the simple “yes,” its more than that. End stands out as one of the most important releases of the 2008. Dripping with catchy hooks and melodies laden with persuasive beats, the emotive lyrics add a dynamic all to themselves. Tracks such as “Like Every Insect,” “Open Wrists,” and “Blood” are destined for dance-floor dominance, while others such as “Hope,” “Broken Fingers,” and “The Void” simply make for some damn great listening. If Depeche Mode had balls, it would be System Syn.

Track List

01. Preparations
02. Like Every Insect
03. Broken Fingers
04. The Void
05. Open Wrists
06. The Skeleton Of A Heart
07. Blood
08. Hope
09. The Disappearance
10. Drain
11. End Of An Ending