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Faith And The Muse

Vera Causa

DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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CD $15.98

Their fourth release of exquisite compositions ranging from gothic/darkwave to ethereal/ambient. The double CD contains rarities, live tracks, remixes, and covers - all previously unreleased. Released October 2001 exclusively on Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. Frater Ave Atque Vale
02. In Dreams Of Mine
03. Running Up That Hill
04. Patience Worth (Piano Version)
05. Hollow Hills
06. Soul In Isolation (Live)
07. The Breath Of A Kiss (Demo)
08. Muted Land
09. Annwyn, Beneath The Waves (Acoustic)
10. A Winter Wassail
11. Romeo's Distress (Live)
12. Drown (Acoustic)
13. All Lovers Lost (Demo)
14. Heal (Original Demo)
15. Cantus (Live In Heaven)
16. Scars Flown Proud (Live In Heaven)
17. Sparks (Live In Heaven)
18. The Silver Circle (Live In Heaven)
19. All Lovers Lost, Arianrhod (Live In Heaven)
20. The Unquiet Grave (Live In Heaven)
21. Annwyn, Beneath The Waves (Live In Heaven)
22. Elyria (Toby Dammit Mix)
23. Mercyground (Rhea's Obsession Mix)
24. The Silver Circle (Gears And Teeth Mix)
25. Shattered In Aspect (Bassx_rmix)
26. The Sea Angler (Vast Ocean Mix)
27. Scars Flown Proud (Hong Kong Hotel Mix)
28. Porphyrogene (Laboratory X Version)